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For the block structure, all of the causes are listed first, and all of the effects are listed afterwards.For the chain structure, each cause is followed immediately by the effect.

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They are one of the most common forms of organisation in academic writing.

Sometimes the whole essay will be cause and effect, though sometimes this may be only part of the whole essay.

Usually that effect will then be the cause of the next effect, which is why this structure is called 'chain'. The former is generally clearer, especially for shorter essays, while the latter ensures that any effects you present relate directly to the causes you have given.

Brainstorming is used to create as many ideas as possible.

Can that category be broken down even further to make the topic more manageable?

I'm actually interested in the ways that the Great Depression affected the farming industry.It is also possible, especially for short exam essays, that only the causes or the effects, not both, are discussed. There are two main ways to structure a cause and effect essay.These are similar to the ways to structure problem-solution essays, namely using a block or a chain structure.I want to talk about the new skills and methods that farmers were forced to learn and implement, as a result of their difficult situation.Can I break the different types of effects down into categories? I'll break my ideas down into categories like: economic, social, employment, practical, and morale effects.NOTE: It’s important to remember that just because an event occurs before an effect does not mean that they are related.You may be mistaking chronological order for causality, which can lead you to some faulty logic.Cause and effect is a rhetorical style that discusses which events lead to specific results.You may find that you are assigned to write a cause and effect essay for a writing class, but you might also encounter cause and effect assignments in other disciplines.Don't worry whether your ideas are good or bad, just come up with as many as possible.Here is some brainstorming for essays on four different topics: It's important to create a map of your essay.


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