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Letter Name Alphabetic Within Word Pattern Syllables and Affixes Derivational Here are the templates that I used to create the sorts. In other words, the books are not labeled primarily by grade level, but by the characteristics of your child’s spellings and misspellings.

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As they progress through the stage, they begin to hear more letter sounds (phonemes) in words, including vowel sounds.

Spellers in this stage might also be called semi-phonetic or partial alphabetic because they only represent some of the sounds in words as they write (from Spellers in the Within Word Pattern stage begin to “move away from the linear, sound-by-sound approach of the letter name-alphabetic spellers and being to include patterns or chunks of letter sequences” (Bear, et al. The typical age of a child in this stage is 7 to 10 years old, starting approximately at the end of first grade and ending towards the end of third grade or beginning of fourth grade.

Word sorts are used extensively to teach concepts from elementary word families to more sophisticated language concepts.

Exercises such as this word sort enable students to more easily recognize word families, which helps in decoding new words with similar patterns.

In each stage, I will list a few characteristics of spellers and the kinds of word sorts you can find inside the each book.

Secondly, the activities inside these books are mainly picture and word sorts, providing kids hands-on opportunities to learn and interact with sounds and words.

Should you decide to continue this exercise with other letters in the alphabet, it”s quite easy to print similar pages using different fonts in your word processing program.

Picture Sort for Initial F and T Picture Sort for ch, sh, and th Digraphs I”ve seen for myself how well “picture sort” activities help students make connections between spoken sounds and their corresponding letters or letter groups.

The student will pick up a card picturing an object such as a shoe, and try to determine if it begins with “ch”, “sh”, or “th.” This simple game may supply the missing link that your student needs to “crack the code” of written language!

Word Sort for the it, ip and ill Families Word sorts are highly effective in teaching students to find patterns that make decoding easier.


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