What Is A Problem Solution Essay

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Any measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem may also be mentioned.

If your essay is more persuasive than informative, then out of numerous solutions, choose the ones that are reasonably most effective.

Or, you might come up with a solution that is new, overlooked, or underestimated.

Now, it is time to connect the problem to the solution like a plug to a socket, explaining how exactly this implementation will take place and help.

This may also include the time span in which the solution will come into effect, the most important milestones, and possible difficulties in the process.

It is good to use the chain structure when you present numerous different points in your essay, and it is undesirable to get lost among them in an attempt to connect some problematic question to its answer.

The block structure is best for essays where there aren’t many points of discussion and you have an opportunity to elaborate on them more broadly.

We also know that a good solution is a means of successfully dealing with that complicated situation.

A problem is what prevents us from living as fully as we want, on whichever level; a solution often haunts our dreams, makes us anxious to find it, or motivates us.

The main highlight of your problem solution paper is the goal it seeks to achieve, and this goal has to be clear-cut and transparent, starting with the introduction to the essay.

Problem and solution essay structure shares its main features with other types of essays while adjusting the general template to its particular tone at the same time.


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