Ways To Solve Environmental Problems

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If you haven’t heard about The Environment Now (where have you been?!

), it’s an exciting opportunity that will fund 17-24 years olds up to £10,000 to create their unique digital ideas to help the environment.

There’s plenty of them on the market even though the best ones are still pretty pricey!

These unmanned aerial vehicles could develop further into the service economy with the likes of Amazon looking into using delivery drones.

Remember, these products cause behavioural change which cause more people to value the environment and sustainability.

Open Data is a simple term to mean data that is open and accessible for all to use.Smart farming or precision agriculture will continue to grow in the future decreasing costs for farmers and environmental impact in terms of soil degradation and water pollution. Insurance, licensing and pilot testing are just some of the introductory regulations, with more to come, especially with the use of drones in built up areas.Make sure you are up-to-date with these regulations before having a flying session!We typically don’t associate cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability.Technology often gets blamed for our current environmental predicament, from internal combustion engines to electronic waste.This sort of data is on the rise, though there are always setbacks around security and privacy issues.For an example of using Open Data, imagine an ambulance rushing to an emergency. If the ambulance navigation system was able to track traffic detectors in the area, these could let it know which was the quickest route to take.So all of this money and support for helping to save the planet sounds great, but you might not be sure how to create a digital solution to an issue you’re passionate about.Well here’s a rundown of everything digital to see how you can use tech to solve environmental problems. Take a look at the sections below and see if you could use any of these digital technologies for your idea!Now you may think, well Google Maps already manages this. Google is keeping tabs on everyone who has their location services switched on to verify what the traffic is doing.But in another scenario, what if the city detectors were used to make traffic ‘smarter’ by clearing congestion from one direction if the other direction wasn’t busy.


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