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The reckless and profligate usage of this valuable natural resource is making it scarce and endangered.Industrialization, urbanization, and careful anthropogenic factors have led to the increasing problem of water pollution.

To make the students aware of this we have prepared short and long essays for students which shall inform them about water pollution and the means to minimise it. Water is said to be polluted if its physical, biological, and chemical properties are deteriorated via anthropogenic and natural activities.Water pollution has affected the lives of humans and animals in all aspects.Water pollution is very hazardous to the environment.A number of campaigns such as ‘clean Ganga’ are run by the government and NGOs that have helped enlighten the population about the issue.More steps are required to be taken to ensure an adequate level of clean and pollution-free water for the survival of life on the planet.Ecosystems get devastated, marine life comes to the brink of annihilation, causes a huge economic cost, human health gets severely vulnerable to water-borne diseases, and the complete human life faces problems.The biological or chemical change in the quality of water due to the presence of contaminants in water is called water pollution.However, for water to perform its various functions, it has to be kept pure as contaminated water would lead to adverse environmental and health consequences.Water pollution is the introduction of foreign material into our water bodies like lakes, streams, rivers or groundwater.Most of this contamination as on date is due to various human activities.In fact, humans are responsible for the mass deaths of whales and other aquatic organisms often swept ashore at different beaches in the world.


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