Was Germany To Blame For The Outbreak Of Ww1 Essay

Was Germany To Blame For The Outbreak Of Ww1 Essay-26
This is evident from some forty-four years before the start of the Great War; where Prussia, the leading state in Germany fought against France.

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Germany already had the biggest army in the world which was quite understandable as they were boarded by nine countries.

However there was no justification for Germany stating to compete with the size of Britain's royal navy to see if Germany itself could have the biggest navy.

I despair of the future of the German Empire and shall quit" This quote shows what a significant event the Agadiar crisis was as it shows that all the countries were prepared for war as it was the first time of open aggression in the run up to the War.

Britain was also angry at being ignored and this was another potential for the war to break out, therefore Lloyd George claimed on the 21st of July that Britain could not be ignored.

The Great War was caused by countless reasons and the extent to which these reasons were caused Germany depends on what actions the German leaders and ministers engaged in, to the lead up of 1914.

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We must consider Germany's lust for European domination, their entangled web of alliances, there strong sense of militarism, imperialism and nationalism which lead to many short term crises when we conclude that Germany was mainly responsible for the outbreak of the Great War.

In the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 article 231 of the Treaty said that Germany was to blame for the war.

P Taylor) and if so whom should take the blame for such a key event in the worlds History?

The plan was also drawn up to prevent Germany having to advance through Belgium.

In my opinion this is a very important contributor to consider when analysing who was actually to blame for the War in 1914.


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