Tuck Financial Aid Essay

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You haven’t heard them remark anything about any other person in the story besides themselves.

And then you had the other kinds of people where you’ll see them tell a story of, “well, it was me and Steven and Karen. And here’s how we split things up…” And they may be telling a notionally similar story, but people who genuinely care about other people, not only did they have more examples, they just talked about other people in a different way. And what I hear in what you’re saying, there’s a difference between transactional interactions and genuine emotional interactions.

And so it’s not just about a quid pro quo, so to speak, where you know “I’ll help you now, you’ll help me later.” But it’s a belief that this really is a mutual investment.

And everybody engaged in this interaction is stronger when there’s genuine habits of kindness, a genuine investment, and a real sense of commitment to wanting to make sure that that outcome is improved for everybody involved.

And we are seeing really strong differences between people for whom this is natural and authentic and others for whom this is put upon and forced.

I think a lot of times that they will kind of give it away.

I fundamentally believe that this is a hard thing to fake.

And if it is something that you are faking for the purpose of an application, over the course of these sustained efforts and probes to try to understand do we see these things, the reality of whether or not this is actually fundamental to your character does come out.

And they’re very much a continuation of what has made Tuck special for 118 years.

And so that is a continuation of those very core elements to the school.


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