Too Much Homework Is Bad

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In fact, I know there is, because when my generation were kids, we occupied it. It’s an essential part of our educational system, it teaches responsibility and independence, and besides, our already overworked and under-appreciated and underpaid and under-supported and under-everything-else teachers can’t be over our kids shoulders 24/7.Some things kids need to take on for themselves, and homework teaches them how to do that.They need time to play, and we need time to play them.

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It’s bizarre, this world in which our kids are too young to play outside by themselves but are simultaneously old enough to handle hours of homework on their own. My son will be working most of his life, he doesn’t need to start now.

And he certainly doesn’t need the stress that comes with it.

He’s already nervous about sitting next to Alice — what if she asks him to marry her again?! Can’t we wait a little while longer before we crush their spirits?

Many educators have long criticized homework as a cruel and unusual punishment for kids.

In the early decades of the 20 century, education was seen as a way to cultivate the artistic and creative aspects of students.

Vocational preparation was of secondary importance. Many educators and parents now want to adopt this view of education.On holidays, you should allow children to choose books on their own.Instead of forcing them to sit down and do homework, talk to them about the pleasure of reading. If you read out the beginning of a book, chances are your child will feel interested and therefore want to finish the book. There is a great chance that in the next 15-20 years, homework will become a thing of the past.And every parent I know had to “help” their kids put together some silly project featuring 100 somethings.And every project I saw was basically, It’s only the beginning.He enters first grade next year, and from what I understand, the party is about to end. I’m still wiping this kid’s ass and he’s supposed to understand concepts that make little sense to adults?And sit still for hours until he properly ‘shows his work’? Last week, kids hit their “100th Day” of school, an amazing milestone that I’ve never heard of before.I got home and watched “Scooby-Doo” and played “Star Wars” and ate snacks and goofed around.Which sounds an awful lot like what my kid’s day is like, at least right now. Because first-graders can only do so much by themselves, and by so much I mean “almost nothing”.Today’s kindergarten is yesterday’s first grade, and today’s elementary school homework is yesterday’s middle school workload.The need to teach the habits and values that are part and parcel with homework is understandable, but do children under third grade need to do it? Once they start school, it isn’t long before we barely even see them before dinner time, what with all the after-school activities and pre-scheduled play-dates they’ll have on the calendar.


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