Thesis Report On Child Labor

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I know the working rules are true by when I worked at Express in the mall, my friend who was only 17, was not allowed to work past 9p.m.

These laws were passed to protect the health, safety, and well-being of young workers while at the same time affording them an opportunity to gain an education.

“Many children among the age of 10, were hired by factories, this is why countries passed laws to stop the abuses of child labor” (Child Labor Coalition 4).

Employment of Child labor created no major social problems until the factory systems of labor began.

Children would work in the fields for their parents all of the time.

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What A Abstract Of A Research Paper - Thesis Report On Child Labor

This thesis focuses on the economics of child labour and child education within developingand developed countries.Kids often were also injured or killed while working under these brutal conditions.The child labor laws came into effect to stop these abuses and help young people go to school.Many organizations, including the United States Government, are working to end oppressive child labor throughout the world and help all children obtain an education.There are many things being done about sweatshops in foreign countries.Many children work today, but most are teenagers in the USA, Canada, Britain, and hold part-time jobs.The working conditions for youth today are carefully regulated by the law.However, in Asia, and other parts of the world, millions of girls and boys hold full-time jobs.In some countries, children under 15 form a large part of the total working force, and there is little or no control over the working conditions they work in.Children often performed jobs that really required adult strength to do.Many children worked to help support their parents in raising the families, work for their unemployed or disabled parents.


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