Thesis On Wireless Data Transfer

Thesis On Wireless Data Transfer-59
Wireless communication has conquered the world in a few decades.Even now, on our planet there are be more mobile devices than people, and the growth continues to accelerate, as the IOT will connect things and objects wirelessly.

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Look at some more new wireless communication project ideas which may be implemented.

With BLE’s ability to connect to smartphone apps seamlessly; developers and sports and fitness companies are empowered to integrate this new technology.

The market is now seeing a wide range of devices such as Bluetooth-connected heart-rate monitors, clothing and even running footwear. The world is exploding with an incredible array of devices connected via BLE.

Almost all wireless communication takes place today over the radio waves.

However, in recent years, the new radio-free data transmission technologies have been developed.Various experimental development environments and test network have already been built.Hybrid radio-optical wireless system, where the information is transferred seamlessly from network to network, is currently being tested.Io T will also have a profound impact on people’s lives.It will improve public safety, transport, and healthcare with better information and faster access to this information.In the visible light communication (VLC) light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used to transmit data over short distances.Similarly, the radio communication networks known as Wi-Fi, data transfer based on light is called Li-Fi (Light Fidelity).An even smarter Bluetooth You’re likely to own a Bluetooth-enabled device by now – your phone is one.Bluetooth-enabled connectivity exists in a variety of consumer electronics and has become a socially understood means of convenient wireless communications.Now, because of BLE, consumers are seeing everyday objects featuring Bluetooth connectivity.Developers are attempting to make devices “smart” by incorporating Bluetooth, and today we start to see smart-locks such as SKYLOCK and Noke lock marketed with BLE enabled features.


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