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This method of reasoning was born as a check and balance to human intuition.As previously stated, critical thinking does not consist of any one piece of knowledge, one all encompassing experience, or some beneficial genetic mutation…instead, it is the culmination of all of these things used together that gives us a better ability to discern the information we receive.We have even led the world into space by being first to send men to the moon and by exploring the furthest reaches of our solar system.

Most importantly, this seems to be leading toward a worsening inability to discover even simple Truth.

Critical thinking has been fundamental to the health and success of our society since the birth of this great country.

With the proliferation of internet-connected devices, the vast majority of people receive the bulk of their news and information from newspaper headlines, Op-Ed articles, or even Facebook posts.

Instead of looking into the issue themselves and attempting to discern why the argument for such and such is being made, many choose to simply accept what they read at face value, usually because it just sounds good, appeals to their emotions, or is consistent with their simple world view.

The key distinction being that neither party knows what the final answer will be.

For instance, when delving into questions similar to one as open ended and subjective as a final answer may never be found.

American culture is currently suffering from a deficiency in critical thinking skills and a lack of appreciation for the Socratic Method as a means to help us discern Truth from Falsehood.

As a result, society is experiencing a deficit in rational/logical thought and a lack of enthusiasm for profound intellectual conversation.

In a world where the entirety of human history and understanding is accessible from a single device we can keep in our pocket, we still struggle as a culture to answer even the simplest questions.

Critical thinking is a skill that too many have chosen to ignore and it is the reason society is experiencing so much confusion today.


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