Six Factors Of Political Socialization

By looking at both these concepts we can see how they are directly intertwined and co-dependent on each other.Without political culture there would be no political socialization and without political socialization there would be no political culture.Primary socialization takes place through relationships with others, this is usually mostly informal relationships like peer groups, family members, social groups, etc.

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For example, depending on the religious beliefs of an individual their political views will be affected as such, depending on the influence of their instructors in school they will be affected, the influence of the media is a major factor in the ways an individual views the social system he operates in and so is the case for social groups and the policies and views pushed forth by political parties.

Another major factor in political socialization is social status/standing; this has a major influence on the way in which a person would choose to deal with social issues, and the way in which they would try to influence policy.

Individuals develop a basic attitude toward authority and power through this form of socialization and as a result this is what is emanated further in their political views and attitude towards politics.

The secondary level of political socialization is more formal in nature and is found mostly in the wider social network.

These sources affect the development of political values and attitudes differently, but they all contribute to the individual’s understanding of and orientations toward politics.

The primary agents of socialization are those that directly develop specific political orientations such as the family.Political culture has further been referred to as the beliefs, habits, behavioural patterns, values and overall distinguishing attributes that make up and characterize a political community.A political culture is the way in which the individuals within the social setting view their political system, the way in which they perceive it to function and the level of acceptance that pervades as a result.These range from schools, churches, media, political parties, social groups, etc.The way in which a person reacts to and interacts with their political system is heavily influences by what they hear and observe from others within their society.This paper has sought to identify the relationship between political socialization and political culture.We have succeeded in establishing that the way a child is socialized, and the environment definitely impacts on his political culture.Demographics also play an important part in the way people respond to politics as their different situations are affects differently by their political system.A person’s race, gender, age, economic standing, country and education would have a significant effect on what they view as important to them and what they would like to be done for them through their political system.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.


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