Sir George Savile Essay On King Charles Ii

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: with remarks upon the great charge England is like to be at with those people, and the destruction of that kingdom by famine, if not prevented. Extracted out of the elaborate works of Bishop Hall, and Sir Kenelm Digby; and published for general satisfaction, to all Christian princes, states, and common-wealths in Europe. against divers Kentish cavaleers that were going to the standard at Nottingham, with the taking of the Lord Montague prisoner. King Iames his encomium· Or A poeme, in memorie and commendation of the high and mightie monarch Iames; King of great Britaine. Likewise Major Generall Langdales propositions to the Lord Duke, concerning the Kings Majesty, and the Dukes answer thereunto.

The character of the Protestants of Ireland impartially set forth in a letter, in answer to seven queries ... touchyng the proceedings in a priuate quarell and vnkindnesse betweene Arthur Hall, and Melchisedech Mallerie gentleman, to his very friende L. / Written by Testis-mundus Catholicus Scotanglo-Britanicus. With the several judgements of the most high and eternal Lord God, upon all usurpers, who deny His law, and His truth; and the manner how 130 children were taken away by the devil, and never seen no more; and divers others taken, rent, torn, and cast up and down from room to room, by strange and dreadfull spirits, appearing in the shapes of, a black boar, a roaring lyon, an English statesman, and a Roman fryer. A sermon of publike thanksgiuing for the wonderfull mitigation of the late mortalitie preacht before his Matie; vpon his gracious command, at his court of Whitehall, Ian. Also, a philosophicall discourse of the colours of urine, with the art of mixing them, according to quantity, number, and weight. A famous and joyfull victory obtained by the Earl of Stamfords forces neere Stratford in Northampton-shire, against Prince Robert his forces, who assaulted them at one of the clock at night where they were billetted, declaring the manner of the fight, and how the Earl of Stamfords forces took 50. Also another happy victory obtained by the Lord Brooks, September the 8. Articles established by Alexander Hamilton, formerly merchant in Rouen in France, now in Edinburgh, and his partners in the erecting in the said city, a profitable adventure for the fortunat, of fifty thousand tickets, of half a crown each. The private Christian's witness for Christianity to the notional and erroneous apprehensions of the Arminian, Socinian, and Deist of the age : with the easy and true means leading the prophane, meer professor, and lazy Christian, to the same experience, as preservative against the infection of each, and against the ill example of the practical blemishes in lazy Christians conversation. The Marques Hamiltons speech before the Kings most excellent Majesty: concerning his returne into England. The declaration of Duke Hambleton at the head of his army, upon his joyning with Maj. Langdale in the north of England, concerning His most Gracious and Dread Soveraign Charkes [sic] King of Great Brittain.

The proposals for promoting the woollen-manufactory, promoted Further making it appear, that the nation will thereby increase in wealth, at least 5000 l. A profitable method compiled for the benefit of all indigent people so effectually drawn into a modell, the like before has not been exposed to this our English-nation: wherein is particularized, the several orders and degrees, for the promotion of the linnen manufacture, as also the management and farther improvement of the said benificial exercise to the great encouragement of his Majesties distressed subjects, as likewise for the disburthening the charge of parishes throughout the nation. A model of government for the good of the poor, and the wealth of the nation with such a method and inspection that frauds, corruption in officers, abuses to the poor, ill administration of materials, &c. VVritten, vpon occasion of the confirmation of the Prince his Highnesse, performed on Munday in Easter-weeke, 1613. The order and course of passing bills in Parliament. yeare of his Majesties reigne, first on horse backe from White Hall to Westminster-Abby-Church, and from thence on foot to the Parliament house. Mill'd lead sheathing for ships against the worm, plainly proved to be better than the best and above cent. cheaper than the ordinariest wood-sheathing can be; besides divers other advantages to the publick. Some necessary and important considerations (to be consider'd of by all sorts of people) taken out of (that late worthy and renowned judge) Sir Matthew Hale's writings, and therein his own experience of the inward and invisible guidance of the spirit of God. Also, the old Dutchesse of Hamilton's prophesie (grandmother to the foresaid Duke) concerning the routing of the Scots army, and the extirpation of the family of the Stuarts.

throughout the nation, may speedily be restrained, and forever prevented : in pursuance to certain proposals to the King and Parliament. The auncient ecclesiasticall practise of confirmation Confirmed by arguments drawne from Scripture, reason, councels, Fathers, and later writers. The order and forme of the placing and sitting of the Kings Majesty and peeres in the upper house of Parliament. A treatise, shewing how usefull, safe, reasonable and beneficial, the inrolling & registring of all conveyances of lands, may be to the inhabitants of this kingdom by a person of great learning and judgment. And, his speech and confession made to divers officers of the Army, upon his death-bed; with the protestation and resolution of the citizens of VVorcester concerning the present government.

He accompanied Charles II during his exile and served him faithfully during his misfortunes.

Jotham stands for George Savile, Marquis of Halifax, and nephew of Shaftesbury. Or, sinne and vertue, concluding with the last Iudgement and end of all things. With an exact and easie method of breeding, buying, dieting, and otherwise ordering all sorts of horses, as well for common and ordinary use, as the heats and course. Also the Duke of Buckinghams representation to the Lord Major of London, and his declaration, concerning the Kings Majesty. The gentlemans jockey, and approved farrier instructing in the natures, causes, and cures of all diseases incident to horses. Advice to a daughter as to religion, husband, house, family and children, behaviour and conversation, friendship, censure, vanity and affectation, pride, diversions : to which is added The character of a trimmer, as to the laws and government, Protestant religion, the papists, forreign affairs / by the late noble M. Heaven ravished: or A glorious prize, atchieved by an heroicall enterprize: as it was lately presented in a sermon to the honourable House of Commons, at their solemn fast, May 29. And the resolution of the Scots Army, with the manner of their march, their trumpets sounding, drums beating, and collours displaying with this motto, For Religion, King and Kingdom.David committed adultery with Bathsheba and sent her husband Uriah into battle, where he was killed. Here she stands for Louise de Keroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth, one of Charles's mistresses.David's counselor who betrayed him and encouraged Absalom to rebel against his father. A sermon preached before the convocation of the clergy in Ireland at the Cathedral Church of S. A sight of the Portugall pearle, that is, the aunsvvere of D. A wonderfull and strange miracle or Gods just vengeance against the cavaliers Declaring how Mr. VVherevnto is annexed a perfect rule to be obserued of all parents and scholemaisters, in the trayning vp of their schollers and children in learning. At the first pronounced vpon the Queenes Maiesties birthday in the Guyldhall of the burrowe of Newe Windsore, by Edward Hake of Grayes Inne Gent. Newes out of Powles Churchyarde now newly renued and amplifyed according to the accidents of the present time. A commemoration of the most prosperous and peaceable raigne of our gratious and deere soueraigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England, Fraunce and Irelande, Queene &c. for his private meditation and exercise ; to which are added, A brief abstract of the Christian religion, and, Considerations seasonable at all times, for the cleansing of the heart and life, by the same author. Osborns late scandalizing the said Colonel, and the rest of the gentlemen now attending the King : which letter was read in the House of Commons. With a letter sent to the Honorable Committee at Derby-house, concerning the taking of the Earl of Holland, and many officers of quality, two hundred horse, much gold and silver, with other good booty. A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia of the commodities and of the nature and manners of the naturall inhabitants. In which two books is contained the whole commonwealth of the Hebrews, or of Israel, senate, people, and magistracy, both as it stood in the institution by Moses, and as it came to be formed after the captivity. The case of Exeter College related and vindicated : to which are annex'd the authentick copies of the affidavits relating to that affair. A touchestone for this time present expresly declaring such ruines, enormities, and abuses as trouble the Churche of God and our Christian common wealth at this daye. An oration conteyning an expostulation as well with the Queenes Highnesse faithfull subiects for their want of due consideration of Gods blessings enioyed by meanes of her Maiestie: as also with the vnnaturall english for their disloyaltie and vnkindnesse towards the same their soueraygne. nowe newly enlarged with an exhortation applyed to this present tyme / set foorth this xvii day of Nouember beyng the fyrst day of the xxi yeere of Her Maiesties said reigne, by Edw. ; hereunto is added a thankesgiuing of the godly, for Her Maiesties prosperitie hitherto, with an earnest desire of the longe continuance of the same to Gods glory and our comfort. by the faithful publisher, Richard Baxter ; to which is annexed the judgment of Sir Francis Bacon ... A discourse of the knowledge of God, and of our selves I. by the sacred Scriptures / written by Sir Matthew Hale, Knight ... A tract concerning schism and schismatiqves wherein is briefly discovered the originall causes of all schisme / written by a learned and judicious divine ; together with certain animadversions upon some passages thereof. Ektenesteron, or, The degrees of ardency in Christs prayer reconciled with his fulnesse of habitval grace in reply to the author of a book, intituled, A mixture of scholastical divinity with practical / by H. The daily practice of devotion, or, The hours of prayer fitted to the main uses of a Christian life also lamentations and prayers for the peaceful re-settlement of this church and state / by the late pious and reverend H. Colonel Hammond's letter sent to William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, concerning Mr.He hanged himself when he saw that the rebellion would not succeed.He represents Anthony Ashley Cooper, the first Earl of Shaftesbury.The Marquis of Halifax had once supported Shaftsbury but, alarmed at his excess, became a supporter of the Court.It was entirely by his eloquence that the Exclusion Bill was defeated in the Lords in 1680.


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