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Set in an urban school, the study participants included African-American students in the 6th grade who had varied reading identities and literacy practices.

Recommendations: The author had several recommendations for libraries to succeed in providing leadership toward community proficiencies in digital literacies.

First, library staffers and patrons need to work together to decide what digital literacy means in their community.

Interestingly, librarians were perceived to be 18% friendlier in log-in reference, possibly because of the longer time of the transaction.

But being friendlier in IM transactions is an achievable goal.

Adolescents allowed to discuss books with older adolescents (mentors) may broaden their own interests.

Finally, we must talk with students about their experiences with texts and literacy in order to understand their needs and interests.Its emergence as a field of study, however, requires identifying, researching, and practicing competencies, knowledge, and skills.And for it to thrive, more programs of study need to be developed and offered in higher education, and a community of practice needs to provide it direction.Sadly, dissertations are often overlooked as a source of information within our profession.While the topics vary, these 10 dissertations can help inform practice in different types of libraries.Summary: Learning how to select books and having access to a wide variety of genres and formats are key ingredients in developing avid readers.The focus of this case study was on the adolescents’ view of what makes interesting reading rather than the prescriptive view of what students should read.Educators need to select texts beyond the traditional lists of recommended reading.Adolescents like familiar stories and a variety of genres and formats, including read-alouds, hybrid texts, and graphic novels.To assess programming, library officials must show how a patron is changed by the programming, not merely count how many people attended or used computers.Providing resources and professional development about assessment can help empower staff members to accurately measure and improve the success of digital literacy efforts.


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