Short Essay Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence includes sibling abuse, elder abuse, spouse abuse, and child abuse.

Domestic violence has many names; family violence, wife or child beating, and domestic abuse.

If you try to look at what causes domestic violence, you cannot pinpoint it to one specific problem.

After researching various causes of domestic violence, one can conclude that it usually starts with a controlling personality to control another person.

It can start off with verbal slander and turn into physical violence over time. Things such as being unemployed, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or having little money can cause a person a lot of stress, which can result in abuse.

Also, in some cases, it can be due to the person being abused themselves in their childhood.

When domestic violence occurs there are different types of abuse that can take place. Physical violence includes slapping, kicking, or anything that is intended to physically injure the person.

The second type is emotional abuse which consists of consistently doing or saying things to emotionally harm another person. Sexual abuse is when someone is forced to have sex when he/she does not want to.

Most societies have laws that punish domestic abusers, but yet it still exists in our society today.

People who are abused tend to think that there is no way out because they are so dependant on their partner.


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