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In Green Lake, we learn the story of Kate Barlow and Stanley's great-great-grandfather.

In Green Lake, we learn the story of Kate Barlow and Stanley's great-great-grandfather.

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Camp Green Lake is on the site of a dried up lake in the fictional county of Calhoun county, Texas.

Boys are sent to Camp Green Lake and forced to dig huge holes all day, every day.

Holes is spattered with the kind of delightfully surreal fatalism you find in the work of the Beat writer Richard Brautigan. That same pointed style made it a breeze to read aloud to my younger son, aged six.

It has a life-enhancing optimism which reminds me of such books as The Little Prince and Jonathon Livingstone Seagull. Holes is that rare thing: a book which has found approval from critics, adults and children alike. He was able to appreciate the jokes and enjoy second-guessing the mystery. Yet the maturity of the sentiments and the poker-faced, humorous way of making serious points that Sachar has, made Holes an equally enjoyable read for my nieces, aged twelve and fourteen when I bought it for them.

According to the back cover The Independent on Sunday said, "There is not one false sentence." They were quite right. And if that weren't enough, it won the Newbery Medal.

Louis Sachar has an admirable writing style, full of short sentences, accurate vocabulary and a wonderfully dry wit. Its wonderfully abrupt prose made it easy enough for my son, aged eight but reading a couple of years ahead, to enjoy thoroughly.Most of the story takes place in the 'present day'.Although it has been several years since the book was published (it was published in 1998), it takes place in the late 1990s, so life in Stanley's world is not much different from life today.Part of the story in 'Holes' is told through flashbacks to the mid-1800s and the late 1800s.'Holes' takes place in three different places: Camp Green Lake, the old town of Green Lake, and Latvia, or the old country. The palindromic Stanley Yelnats, in any case, is not a bad boy.But, while thousands of other young Americans are having fun, Stanley is digging holes at a juvenile correction centre. Digging holes that are precisely five feet wide, five feet long and five feet deep isn't fun either. So Stanley, the innocent inmate, doesn't waste his time in devising plans of escape.A flashback is a transition to an earlier time, usually to show what life or a character was like long ago.'Holes' takes place in a few different times: present day, the mid-1800s, and the late 1800s.The head of the camp says that this is to help the boys build character, but the reader eventually finds out that she has them dig to find loot buried there years ago by a woman named Kate Barlow.Many people who have read 'Holes' thinks that Camp Green Lake is a symbol for the way the boys are feeling: it is hot, dry, and difficult to live at Camp Green Lake, just like life has not been easy for the boys who live there.


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