Scholarships That Don T Require An Essay

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For example, no essay scholarships likely won’t require a minimum GPA, that your student is pursuing a degree in a particular field, or that they belong to a specific demographic (beyond being a current or incoming college student).According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 20 million people were enrolled in college in 2014 (the latest statistics available through the agency), meaning your child has a substantially better chance of being struck by lightning than winning one of these sweepstakes if everyone who is eligible applies.

For example, some organization’s request a video essay instead of a written one.

Others will allow, or require, a creative presentation instead of a traditional written essay.

If you would like to learn more about how to avoid these no-essay scholarships, sign up for my .

It’s a great way to learn about the process and how to identify legitimate scholarship opportunities that can help your student avoid debt while pursuing their education.

Your child’s odds of winning can be incredibly slim, depending on the number of people who apply for the particular no essay scholarships sweepstakes.

And the number of people who apply can be quite large, as few other requirements are customarily included that could limit the number of applications.

Believe it or not, my email used for sweepstake scholarships now has over 20,000 unread emails – mostly from these scholarship sites!

I ended up creating an entirely new email address because any efforts to unsubscribe proved ineffective.

Scholarships are a preferred way to pay for college; they provide free money that students don’t have to pay back (as long as they adhere to the rules).

But many find application processes cumbersome, especially essays, leaving many wondering, “Is there is such a thing as no essay scholarships? When I started the scholarship process, I was looking for these myself!


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