Safety Belt Essay

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Race car drivers were the first to really wear seat belts to help protect them against serious internal injuries.

The real breakthrough with modern seat belts came in 1958 when Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin invented the three-point seatbelt.

The three point design was created to help secure both the upper and lower body.

Better yet, this seat belt design was simple and effective, leading other car manufacturers to borrow the design. Auto companies offered seat belts as optional equipment and were even sold at local gas stations.

When Bohlin passed away in 2002, Volvo had Once the idea of safety benefits of seat belts caught on in the U. Since 1966, American vehicles are required to have seat belts in their cars.

As such, by 1975, most first-world countries had a seat belt requirement in their cars.

to the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention, “seat belt use is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes as more than half (range from 53% – 59%) of teens and aged 13 – 44 years who died in crashes in 2014 were unrestrained at the time of the crash.” In short, seat belts save lives, but how did then end up in our cars in the first place?

The seat belt was invented by George Cayley, an English engineer in the late 1800’s who created these belts to help keep pilots inside their gliders.

It's important to remember that your actions don’t just affect you, but others, too. I didn't think driver's education could be so convenient.

Therefore, any time you're on the road, make safe decisions. Not only was it simple to use, but it was also easy to understand. Being able to start and stop whenever I needed to was a big plus.


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