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Safe Assign reports also show similarity ratings for each matching sentence and allow Faculty Members to view a line-by-line comparison of potentially unoriginal text from submitted papers and the matching external documents. If instructors enable student viewing, each student can view the reports for their own submitted papers. Each institution’s Institutional Database is stored in the central Safe Assign service and kept separate from other institution’s databases.Papers are automatically added to this database upon submission and are stored in the central service to be checked against other papers submitted from your institution.

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How long does it take to generate plagiarism reports?

Reports are not generated instantaneously – it usually takes from several seconds to few minutes to receive a report. Safe Assign supports Word (or .docx), plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), .pdf, and formats.

Safe Assign™ is a plagiarism prevention service offered by Blackboard.

Instructors can set up Safe Assignments in their Blackboard courses and let students submit papers to these assignments.

As students submit papers, they are checked against Safe Assign's comprehensive databases of source material.

The papers will then be delivered to instructors through the Blackboard Learning System together with the originality reports, with the results of the matching process, attached to them.View a sample Safe Assign Report Interpreting Safe Assign Scores The sentence matching scores represent the percentage probability that two phrases have the same meaning.This number can also be interpreted as the reciprocal to the probability that these two phrases are similar by chance.It is your and your instructor's responsibility to investigate whether the matching text is properly referenced or not.Detailing every match prevents detection errors due to differences in citing standards. How can I download all of the Safe Assign submissions at once? To download all of the submitted files: From the course with the Safe Assignment, open Course Tools in the Control Panel Click Safe Assign On the next page, choose Safe Assignments Move your mouse cursor over the Safe Assignment you are interested in.It is possible to download all of the files that the students submitted to a Safe Assignment. When the Action Link appears, click it and choose View Submissions from the menu Click the Download All Submissions button at the top of the page Your browser will download a folder that has all of the submissions.The Institutional Database is completely separate from the Global Reference Database which extends across institutions and students must volunteer their papers to. Safe Assign can generate originality reports for papers written in all alphabet-based languages with left-to-right writing.The user interface is currently only available in English.For example, a score of 90 percent means that there is a 90 percent probability that these two phrases are the same and a 10 percent probability that they are similar by chance and not because the submitted paper includes content from the existing source (whether or not it is appropriately attributed).The overall score is an indicator of what percentage of the submitted paper matches existing sources.


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