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Lola receives a phone call from Manni asking for her help to replace 100,000 Marks that he has misplaced on the subway.

The money is for his gangster boss, who is certain to kill Manni if he doesn’t receive it.

The setup: Lola gets a phone call from her boyfriend Manni.

He left a bag containing 100,000 deutsche marks on the subway, and a bum made away with it. Lola's desperate plan: Find the money somehow, somewhere, in 20 minutes. The director, a young German named Tom Tykwer, throws every trick in the book at us, and then the book, and then himself.

Tykwer’s fourth feature was a huge success in Germany and sparked what was considered to be a new era of German cinema.

Functioning at an extremely high pace, the film reflects restlessness in a German society that had been through enormous change and that was preparing to embark on a new century.

This voiceover comes from Hans Paetsch (1939– 2002), Germany’s most popular fairy-tale narrator.

Faces are picked out from the crowd; the audience doesn’t know it yet but these are the people that Lola will interact with and whose lives she will affect.

Movies about characters on the run usually involve a linear story ("The Fugitive" comes to mind), but this one is basically about running--and about the way that movie action sequences have a life and logic of their own.

I would not want to see a sequel to the film, and at 81 minutes it isn't a second too short, but what it does, it does cheerfully, with great energy, and very well.


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