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Pictures of mosques, monuments, for instance the Eiffel tower and cathedrals are representatives of the different architectural styles out there.Such styles include; Romance, Victorian, Gothic, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Medieval, corporate modern, Islamic, Baroque and Rococo.Rococo was derived from the French word rocaille, for rock and shell garden ornamentation and as an art movement developed in 18th century and emphasized “pastel colors, sinuous curves, and patterns based on flowers, vines, and shells.

In evaluating Borromini’s Baroque works as highlighted in Anthony Blunt’s literature titled “Borromini” and Remy Saisselin’s “The Rococo as a Dream of Happiness”, it is possible to highlight the differences that create a distinction between the two styles’ sensibilities as they influenced architecture in ancient Italy. According to Mirle (2008), historical orientation of Baroque Architecture is closely linked with both religious and political institutions.

One key sensibility evident in Borromini’s works of architecture is that rather than rely purely on his own inventions or new designs, he derived inspiration from previous art masters. Zirpolo (2008) confirms this when he states that Baroque started as a protest to the adoption of Mannerist Art, and as a way to effect the wishes of Counter-Reformation Church, which wanted to stamp its authority in the western world at a time when the protestants were pausing a threat to the existing religious... The Baroque and Rococo Introduction The soul of the Baroque is characterized by austerity that inspires silence and meditation and it is the aesthetic nature of the Baroque to underscore the basic lines and points of the message being conveyed.

It is important to identify the differences between Baroque and Rococo art styles.

The most outstanding difference between them is that Baroque art as an inspiration to architecture existed before the Rococo period.

This was because of current classicism and naturalism events which intermingled and coexisted with the Baroque style.

The beginning of the Baroque painting is traced during the 16th century which ended with the painting of church ceilings.Many scholars argue that this particular form of architecture was commissioned on behalf of the.....exploration of the earth.This produced a new sense of human significance and unknown complexity.Retrieved from (Baroque and Rococo Styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words) Baroque and Rococo Styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words. Thru this paper we will able to compare how the two historians describe or deal with the baroque and rococo art. influence of the Roman Pontiff. Rococo Whereas Baroque architecture introduced the world to aggressively busy and ornate patterns within the construction of buildings and monuments, Rococo architecture has often been described as late Baroque. The analysis and understanding of Gombrich in baroque and......Baroque art dates back to, and stretches across the 17th and part of the 18th century.On its part, Rococo art influenced architecture for part of the 18th century before it faded.The changing awareness of the human condition is seen in the landscape painting whereby human beings are seen as minute figures in the vast natural setting.Visual arts The art here produces unusual diversity during the Baroque period.Overall, Rococo art was portrayed of as paying attention to decorativeness while demonstrating playfulness and lightness.On the contrary, Baroque art depicted a more provocative and heavy-handed sensibility.


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