Research Paper On Physical Therapy

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Running mechanics, particularly knee joint kinetics and kinematics, may be impaired for years following ACLR.

Patients are typically allowed to return to running 3-5 months post-surgery, but return-to-running criteria are often poorly defined and of questionable value.

Many professional sports teams have physical therapists on staff full-time.

These individuals have received a specialize sports certification from a national accreditation board.

Laboratory-grade quantification of running mechanics are cost, time, and space-prohibitive for the majority of clinical settings, which is a barrier to utilizing new scientific knowledge to improve clinical practice.

As the availability and cost of video camera technology has improved, it may be possible to obtain meaningful information from observation of slo-motion videoanalysis.Furthermore, this study will help determine factors related to a successful RTS and assist in guiding rehabilitation efforts to facilitate RTS.Countermovement jump performance is an important indicator of lower extremity explosiveness and can differentiate elite athletes from their novice counterparts.Greater atrophy and altered specificity of the uniarticular vasti muscles compared to the biarticular rectus femoris has been previously reported.Reduced knee extensor torque steadiness is a common finding following ACL reconstruction which can contribute to functional limitations, but the relationships between activation patterns of the superficial quadriceps muscles and knee extensor torque output is not well defined.The purpose of this investigation is to quantify the degree of activation variability among the superficial quadriceps muscles and determine the relative contribution to impaired torque steadiness throughout the first year following ACL reconstruction in collegiate athletes.Running is a foundational task for participation in sports.Knee joint trauma, particularly anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture and reconstruction, can contribute to quadriceps neuromuscular dysfunction that impairs rapid muscle activation and force development.Poor quadriceps function can persist for years after surgery and inhibits successful return to sport as strong and powerful quadriceps contractions are required for many athletic activities.The purpose of this series of studies is to 1) investigate quadriceps rate of activation during running and jumping in Division I collegiate athletes post-ACL reconstruction; 2) determine how quadriceps activation patterns change throughout the year post-reconstruction; 3) assess the relationships between quadriceps rate of activation and commonly measured knee joint kinetics and kinematics during running and jumping.Muscle morphology and neuromuscular control after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and surgery varies among the individual quadriceps muscles.


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