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Brief summaries of this work—more than 100 academic papers in top 50 journals—are available by Doing Business topic and related policy spaces.If you would like to recommend any additional papers that are not already listed on the website please email your suggestions to the Doing Business team. The list of research papers is updated periodically by the Doing Business team and only reputable research is posted on the website.We take great pride in the fact that our faculty have contributed more than 150 articles to reputed academic and practitioner journals. M, Mirjafari, S, Mulukutla, R, Nies, K, Robles-Granda, P, Sirigiri, Anusha., Yoo, D. Crucially, the price impact reverses in about 55 to 75 days after the event.

Hiring the wrong people can often end up becoming disastrous to businesses.

This is the way that business management is seen at present time.

If the company would be too lax in doing work, it will be harder for the business to take off.

Of course, there is a need for the business manager to direct all the things that are needed to be done by employees.

Students have to learn how to research and investigate, synthesize, organize, analyse, clarify, examine the broader context, select, and adopt.

The School’s research output in the last decade has been both significant and considerable, as testified by our AACSB accreditation in 2011. The affected firms experience a negative excess return of 4.5% during the issue week.

With this said, it is important to stress the significance of decision making.

To become good at managing one’s business, proper decision making skills should be executed.

Concepts may be similar and the way that the businesses may be handled can seem almost the same but there are a lot of other factors that may change the paths that similar businesses may take.

Proper timing is always important in business management.


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