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In Microsoft Word, clicking Insert Footnote allows you to insert footnotes automatically, and automatically numbers them.

This function is so useful, that even if you cut and paste, and swap information around, it automatically adjusts the footnotes.

Afterwards, the surname of the author and the page number is sufficient.

Older journals often use the word ibid, to show that a footnote uses the same source as the previous one, but this has become much rarer.

Referencing is the process of acknowledging the sources you have used in writing your essay, assignment or piece of work.

It allows the reader to access your source documents as quickly and easily as possible in order to verify, if necessary, the validity of your arguments and the evidence on which they are based.

Information on how to write footnotes and endnotes.

Footnotes, a type of citation format, are most often used for history and philosophy papers.

As such, scientists rarely encounter it, but it is still useful to know how to follow the practice.

Many biology journals, for example, prefer footnotes because they allow annotation of the in-text citation on the same page.


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