Reasons For A Business Plan

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Treat your business plan like a marketing document, because that’s what it is.

You are marketing your company to investors, lenders and others.

Below are the four core reasons most plans fail, and how you can avoid this fate.

The most important part of your business plan is to identify your “unique success factors.” That is, what are the reasons your company is uniquely qualified to succeed?

Whether you’re starting a small business or running an existing one, a business plan is important for your businesses.

Reasons For A Business Plan Avant Garde Kitsch Essay

The term “business plan” is used a lot like sugar-- it can make anything sound tastier.Most entrepreneurs and business owners write business plans for the purpose of raising funding.Unfortunately, the vast majority of these plans fail; they don’t result in any funding at all.Now your plan doesn’t have to resemble a color brochure, but it does have to keep readers interested. And include relevant statistics and facts that interest the reader and convince them to invest in your venture.The second the reader gets bored is the same second they decide not to invest in your company. Successful people and companies set goals and milestones.So, be sure to identify them, and document them clearly in your business plan.Conversely, if you have no unique success factors, you have no competitive advantage and thus can’t succeed long-term.This is why banks and investors don’t really care what comes out of your mouth, they just want to see your business plan and skip to the numbers. What’s the current estimated value and the projected valuation over x number of years?Your business plan should have all these questions answered, and laid out in a well-formatted document with neat graphs, charts, snippets of info, etc.Tons of startups fail simply because the business owners/managers fail to think things through before plunging into the unknown. Business requires strategy, proper allocation of resources, refined approaches and squeaky-clean priorities.If you want your business to succeed and grow over time, creating a business plan is a no-brainer! Every business needs it and there never seems to be enough lying around.


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