Reading A Book Vs Watching A Movie Essay

Reading A Book Vs Watching A Movie Essay-81
So in my opinion i think the movie is better because if you read the book it takes super long time and then you forget what is happening.Then in the movie you get to see the whole think in a matter of time.

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The movie producers use famous people to act out the characters in the book.

For example, in the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Percy is supposed to “look” like a 12 year old who doesn’t know what he is doing and would lose any fight he got into.

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I think the person who wrote this article is right because sometimes in a book there is a really good part that you adore and then you watch the movie and your like where is the part that i like then the movie ends and your like this movie was a waste of time because it didnt have the part that i like.

Another thing is when you read a book, there may be parts of the book that you really like that you would like at see on the TV screen.

But then, when the movie finally comes out, the part you like isn’t even filmed!But when you watch the movie, all those images get shattered.When you watch a movie, you start thinking that the characters in the book actually look like the actors that are in the movie.But with a book, it can be as long as the author wants it to be, as long as it all makes sense.I’ve seen people who read books that are over 600 pages long and not mind a bit, but when a 3 hour movies comes, they just can’t concentrate that long.You also get to see what is happening and get to see the actors feelings and emotions. I agree with this whole heartedly, but I will most likely always going to read the book first, unless I take to long to read it, then I will see the movie. I also agree that the movie is sometimes better than the book, but most of the time the book is better 658 comments Favorite Quote:"Don't punish yourself," she heard her say again, but there would be punishment and pain, and there would be happiness too. If you don’t read, you deserve to live under a rock. With technology progressing rapidly and humans, being enslaved to their phones, books have been secretly committing suicide.I’m not saying that I wouldn’t read a book just because I had to actually read it, but when you’re reading a book, all you can do is read the book.But, with a book, you can bring it anywhere you want, and stop whenever you like and later, just start reading exactly where you stopped.For example, Dragon’s in our Midst, how are you supposed to make 14 dragons, a girl with dragon wings and a boy who can breathe fire look real inside of a movie?In some movies they can’t even make swords look real, not to mention a girl with dragon wings.


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