Presidential Or Parliamentary System Essay

The legislative branch can act as a ‘defendant’ of the public when the government exercises unreasonable policies.

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He has to represent the United States to attend different international conferences like the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010(Cite) and he has recently visited 4 countries in Asia and India.

He has to do these visits in order to promote the State’s interests and establish links and relationships with other countries.

For the symbolic power of the president, he represents a state.(CITE) He would be responsible for most of the external issues, like expressing the stand point and the view of a country towards a specific issue, receiving the foreign ambassadors and visiting the other countries in order to promote the country and establish different kinds of networks, including the strategic and economic ones.

Like for the president of the United States, the country which is the representative of the presidentialism, Obama, he has been viewed as the symbol of United States nowadays.

There are different elections for electing the members of the executive and legislative branches respectively and hence the two branches may be controlled by different political parties.

The parliamentary system is another major political system accounting for around 30% of all the governments (p.42) in the modern world and the assembly is allowed to remove the government (p.34).Both the parliamentary and presidential system has its own virtues and vices and it explain why there are different countries supporting different system based on their situation and their historical background and real needs.However, they do not have absolute virtues and vices, there are only comparatively advantages.The first virtue of the parliamentary system is the enforceability of its promises to their supporters and citizens.The parliamentary government has a structural advantage hence it could pass its decision more quickly.Some of the head of state is chosen by succession and the others are usually chosen by a governmental body like the legislature.(Cite) The chief executive is responsible for the other part of the country management, he is the chief of the executive branch, and he is responsible for the policymaking and also the daily operation of the government.The chief executive is usually come from the majority party in the parliament, however when there is not a majority political party, there may be a coalition government governing the state, like in Britain.The virtue of the presidential system is that there is separation of powers and hence the legislative branch would be able to check the power and the acts by the executive branch.Hence, there will be less chance for the executive branch to carry out policies which do not get public consensus and high popularity.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.


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