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Psychosynthesis, then, could also be located within the framework of a particular philosophical tradition, something I could not address in my MA.When reading the Psychosynthesis literature written after Assagioli’s death, we often find it compared to a wide variety of metaphysical and philosophical schools, for example yoga, Jewish mysticism, Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, theosophy and other esoteric traditions. Assagioli was an integral thinker who embraced and explored many different philosophies.

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There was, it seemed, a gap in the literature of Psychosynthesis exploring the core of Assagioli’s teaching[1].

I wanted to write a book about the of Psychosynthesis focusing on Assagioli’s vision and research that would also offer my own insights based on years of experience working with personal and spiritual development.

In the introduction to his book ‘Psychosynthesis’ – A Collection of Basic Writings’ Roberto Assagioli writes:“Psychosynthesis does not aim nor attempt to give a metaphysical or theological explanation of the great Mystery – it leads to the door, but stops here.” (1975, p.

6-7) In the same place he writes that Psychosynthesis is “neutral to the various religious forms,” because it is based on science. Reading Assagioli’s books and articles, it becomes clear that his work is steeped in metaphysical considerations.

Yet it also makes the task of defining the essence of his Psychosynthesis difficult.

If the aim of this book is too be clear, the question of the metaphysics of Psychosynthesis must be addressed.In his article on Evolutionary Panentheism Murphy shows how some of history’s greatest intellectual giants have arrived at this concept.They have used different names, but enough common features recur to link them (Murphy, 2012).Since completing my MA in Psychosynthesis (Sørensen, 2008), I have wanted to write a book about Roberto Assagioli’s system of psychological and spiritual development.A number of questions which I could not examine at the time remained unanswered.It is through evolution- and therefore humanity – that God’s inherent potential unfolds.According to this theory the human soul, and all other beings, “emanate” from God or “Pleroma” (psychologically the human Self.) The word emanation comes from the Latin “emanare” which means “flowing from,” in this case, God’s abundance.He opens the door wide to ideas of Cosmic Synthesis, Emanation, Involution and Evolution, Atman, Brahman, Universal Self, etc.Assagioli’s approach to spirituality is clearly theistic.I also recognized an issue with Assagioli’s metaphysics.Psychosynthesis meets all the criteria characterising the Integral Model of the American thinker Ken Wilber, which he defines in relation to his ideas on Integral Spirituality.


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