Population And Sampling In Research Proposal

When using total population sampling, it is most likely that these units will be people.In any piece of research, units have certain characteristics that help to define them.

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As discussed earlier in this article, units are the things that make up the population.

These units can be people, cases (e.g., organisations, institutions, countries, etc.), pieces of data, and so forth.

However, in total population sampling, it is most likely that these units will be people.

When defining the population, need to explain the specific characteristics of the population that make it appropriate to use a total population sampling.

For example, if the units of interest are people, they can be defined by certain attributes/traits (e.g., age, gender, occupation, health-status, etc.), experiences (e.g., an assault, the break-up of a marriage, a trip to a concert, etc.), attitudes (e.g., supporters of a certain political party, pro-choice in the abortion debate, etc.), and so forth.

A sample may be defined by a small/ large number of characteristics, a narrow/wide range of characteristics, and so forth.

In sampling, units are the things that make up the population.

Units can be people, cases (e.g., organisations, institutions, countries, etc.), pieces of data, and so forth.

As with probability sampling techniques that require the researcher to get a list of the population (i.e., the sampling frame) from which a sample is selected, total population sampling also requires the researcher to get such a list.

However, as can be learnt from probability sampling, being able to get hold of such a population list can be very time consuming and challenging. It may also be difficult to build a list if the population is geographically dispersed or requires the permission of a gatekeeper not only to get the list, but also to contact members on the list.


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