Political Science Term Paper Outline

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Your paper may also use government reports, interest groups publications, news stories, or web pages as sources.

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All of the facts and figures of your paper are going to be shared in short form to represent the bulk of your work.

Having an opinion is going to open a person up for attack.

Your paper should use at least academic sources in addition to those in the course syllabus for Political Science 12.

By "academic sources" we mean articles published in peer-reviewed, academic journals or books that are either written by university faculty or published by university presses.

The bibliography should include the sources of information that you will use in the paper.

You must use all relevant material in the Political Science 12 required readings, and you must use at least 3-5 academic sources in addition to those in the Political Science 12 syllabus.By reading the conclusion, a person should be able to understand what you believe and why you believe it.Another thing that makes a conclusion effective in a term paper in political science is that all of the information is presented in a quick summary form. Briefly describe your topic, sketch out the approach you will take (e.g., you will draw on your knowledge of public opinion and congressional behavior to show why Congress will (or will not) make changes in immigration law), present a tentative outline, and identify three or more academic sources for your paper.The outline should consist of a series of section headings, each one followed by one or more short paragraphs describing the argument or information to be presented in the section.Be careful not merely to cite the sources in your reference section.By "use" sources, we mean that they should be explicitly cited and discussed in the body of your paper.However, if a writer is firm in their stance and truly supports their thesis statement, the conclusion of a research paper should show this clearly to all of the readers.Summarize your thoughts effectively in a political science research paper in the conclusion section and all readers will not only know where you stand but also why you stand there.A good conclusion will tie everything in the paper together and make an educated statement about some facet of political science.As an idea is presented to the world, it is important that it be shared consistently throughout the writing.


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