Photography Assignments For High School Students

Photography Assignments For High School Students-52
Make a Try a new way to explore a landscape by creating a composite of multiple fragments of it that you’ve taken during a short walk. Keep your kit and settings simple, and don’t get bogged down with tripods, filters or complicated techniques.

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Post 20-30 of your best photos to your assignment page of your blog, as a gallery. Photograph head shots in the studio for one of the TV students. Take at least 10 different head and shoulder images of your subject.

(Don’t forget to delete the photos from your desktop.

When you are done with your collage, scan it and add a few more elements, details, colors etc, with Photoshop. Pretend you have 10,000 to spend on photography equipment. For the TV student, you will give them their favorite image. Explain it like you would to someone who is new to photography. Create a slide show in powerpoint on PHOTOS THAT INSPIRE YOU.

Make a list of the equipment you would buy and a 1-3 sentence justification under each item as to why you would need it. Under each photo you select, explain why this photograph inspires you.

Samples below: Look at this levitation series: and get inspired to produce a levitation series of your own.

Use Photoshop to make your subject look as if they are levitating.

PHOTO 1 CURRICULUM – EPP photo 1 Study Guide with Videos Epp Photo 1 Course Packet and the dropbox link to all the files: https:// 1 slides and

Cut out images from magazines and make an 9×12 collage showing your understanding of good composition. ____________________________________________________________ Read this link and write a detailed list on your assignment page of your blog, of 20 ways to get inspired in your photography: Shoot 100 photos which show strong composition. Edit in PS or LR, and post 2-3 edited photos to your assignment page. Add their name on the bottom, like the samples below). Update your edublogs site and add an Assignment page, and also some Gallery pages. Read this online article and for your first blogpost on your assignment page, answer these questions (click on the word article to get to link).

Read this link and then print one of your images on wood. MOTION BLUR Read this link: and then photograph motion blur.

Edit your photos and Post 2 images on your blog which show the motion blur technique and have strong composition. EMOTION SERIES Photograph one person (head and shoulders) expressing different emotions. Edit images as necessary and make a series of 9 emotions. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ASSIGNMENTS DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPT 6 Create a slide show in powerpoint on PHOTOS THAT INSPIRE YOU.


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