Phd Thesis In E-Government

Phd Thesis In E-Government-15
Using the concept of institutional decoupling, this framework offers a new understanding of the observed high failure rate of e-Government implementation in many developing countries.

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The effects of e-governance have been constrained by the legacy of authoritarianism and the public's democratic deficit.Fourthly, e-government in Taiwan has a modem format, but lacks political efficacy, since it lacks the mechanisms through which people can affect public policy.I conclude that e-government has been used as a modem means to rework authoritarianism.In this study, four themes are discussed: civil education, the policy initiatives, the public use and the public understanding of e-government.I first indicate that civic education in Taiwan has gradually paid more attention to the mode of participation, but the values supporting democracy have not yet been fully instilled.In other words, governments should establish a clear and close link between means and ends prior to implementing e-Government initiatives by engaging relevant stakeholders in the design process to avoid mismatch between project design and reality. It is expected that the ICTs can maximise the benefits for improved governance and electronic democracy in the information age.Goal achievement could be found in all layers, although the project primarily focused on the business architecture layer and the architecture information system layer, making most goals related to these two levels.Author argues that the lack of an explicit EA framework resulted in a somewhat arbitrary development.This study explores the impact of e-government upon citizens and demonstrates how this kind of electronic medium affects the quality of democracy in the context of the new democracies.Taiwan's peculiar characteristics, which combine a Confucian context, a new democracy and a leading performance in e-government, offers an interesting example of the conceptual diversity of e-government in itself, especially in relation to the level of democracy.


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