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You need to know when to evaluate, to describe and to analyse.By taking the wrong approach to an essay you might risk losing marks for how you decided to answer the question.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.

You need to know when to evaluate, to describe and to analyse.

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Even in academic writing, don’t feel pressured to consult an online thesaurus for the most obscure word you can find, as making your writing clear is more important.

To be awarded a first, the tutor must be quite bowled over by your work, so I asked Katherine what makes a first class essay standout.

Sometimes, although a word might be similar, it can put a different spin on your sentence- so don’t be afraid to repeat.

Katherine highlighted the importance of simplicity and clarity and she stated that ‘simple sentences are your friend’.

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I hate when teachers don’t let you go to the bathroom.


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