Persuasive Essay On Ipods

It is best to start a paragaph with a point against you introduced with a phrase like 'Some people may believe that ...because ...' However, after briefly considering the evidence against you, you should argue back and defeat that point with a point of your own, often introduce with a phrase like 'However'.

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Can you image a world accompanied only by the monotonous sounds of everyday life instead of one energised by the latest beats and lyrics.

This is the world that the school wants to create by banning i Pods and this is the world that we must fight against with all our might.'This opening incorporates many persuasive features: rhetorical questions, references to you to involve the reader, repetition, a confident tone of voice and most importantly the painting of an image of the awful world that would exist if the school had their way.- Each paragraph (or pair of paragraphs) should concentrate on just one main argument for / against your position.

In cases where you are using a pair or paragraphs, paragraph one should be against you and paragraph two for you, so that you always end on a point in your favour.

It is important that you always support each point for or against you with at least some evidence / reasoning - even if it is a made up anecdote - so that there is some validity to your argument and it is not just assertion.

Students say that listening to music gives them a common interest for them to talk about with others when, of course, they are not listening to their IPods.

For the people who can't keep their minds off the fight they got into with their best friend the night before or family issues, music seems to be the perfect solution to their problems. Sources suggest that "always having to sharpen them, kids throw them, they write inappropriate notes with them, they can use them to cheat, they poke each other with them, they get pencil lead stuck in their fingers, they steal them, etc." distracts kids just as well as an ipod would.The aim of a persuasive essay is to convince you audience to agree with you.You must have points for and against your position - in order to demonstrate that you have considered the other side.This could be a breakthrough in education, a positive step into the future, and aid to many.We should be aloud to listen to music with minor limitations during school to keep us focused.Some people say that the music they listen to helps them with memorization.Many people, including myself, find it very easy to memorize lyrics to a song because of the beat and rhymes and now students are taking advantage of that ability and are using it to memorize whatever they might be learning.if you are writing to argue against the banning of mobile ipods in school you might start in the following way'Can you imagine a world where creativity is viewed as a shameful activity only to be indulged in behind closed doors?Can you imagine a world where self expression is not as important as copying down notes from a board?Well, today, we are introducing three revolutionary products of this class."The brain loves novelty.It gets bored easily and craves something surprising and new.


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