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“After accepting love as a stimulus, a man faces the third obstacle: the fear of the defeats he will encounter along the way.

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The crystal merchant is one of the characters that helped Santiago by encouraging him and helping him earn back his money.

Another important character who helped Santiago in his journey was the English man.

So, a warrior of the light must be prepared to be patient at difficult times, and know that the Universe is conspiring in his favor, even if he does not understand how. But the secret in life is to fall seven times, and rise up eight times.

– Why is it important to live the Personal Legend, if we are to suffer just as much as others?

He looks around, and sees many others who have not succeeded, and so he thinks he does not deserve it.

He forgets everything he overcame, all he suffered, everything he had to renounce in order to come this far.He helped Santiago understand many things that he did not know before.The alchemist is an important character who helped Santiago in his journey.I know many people who, when they are within reach of their Personal Legend, make a series of silly mistakes and do not attain their objective – when it was just one step away.“This is the most dangerous of the obstacles, because it has a certain aura of sanctity about it: to renounce to joy and the conquest.By Paulo Coelho (Here I continue to reproduce excerpts from talks with my master, from 1982 to 1990) – What is the Personal Legend?– It is your blessing, the path God has chosen for you here on Earth.There comes a time when his Personal Legend is so deeply buried within his soul, he can no longer see it. “If he has the courage to unearth his dreams, he then faces a second obstacle: love.He now knows what he desires to do, but he thinks he will harm those around him, if he gives everything up to follow his dreams.But as he learns these things he also grows from them.The crystal merchant was one of the important characters who helped Santiago in his journey to achieve his Personal Legend.


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