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He chided them on more than one occasion about admonishing about loving those society deemed unloveable, unworthy, disposable, or otherly.

Usually, we often mistake their way of showing their love as prohibiting us from doing what makes us happy.

Sometimes, they would even spank us to teach us lessons or discipline us from what we did.

And to really get their attention he begins with “a new command.”Woa. That means squabbling over any fine points is not an option. He must have been pretty familiar with humans to know that when given the opportunity, we humans will always take the route of least investment of time, energy, or resources when it involves serving someone else. Ultimately, he laid down his life for the sins of the world, but before then went out of his way to share the good news. He didn’t sit in the temple waiting for people to find their way to him. He fed people when they were hungry, healed them when they were sick, and calmed raging storms said storms scared the crap out of people. He loved them when- and wherever he encountered them, which more often than not was usually at their point of need.

Jesus is not offering a suggestion or making a request or a doling out a helpful hint. And so there’d be no room for misinterpretation, he gives very specific parameters for how to love: “as I have loved you.”How did Jesus love? The Disciples had been with him for three years, they saw firsthand how radically inclusive his love was.

The answer is, to quote Jesus, “love one another.” There it is. Once Judas leaves to do his deed, Jesus alludes to his upcoming crucifixion and says —.

My guess is Jesus wanted to impress upon his Disciples the importance of what he was saying. Jesus goes even further and tells them to love another.

When you toss word salads that speak of standing in support with blah, blah, blah … The reason I bring up social media is that’s the least labor intensive and most expedient means of getting a message out to the world.

With the advent of smart phones and social media years ago, when an event transpires in your backyard that is the lead story for every major media outlet on the planet and you remain silent, you do the cross of Christ a disservice and your actions can be taken one of two ways: 1) you must be living in a cave or 2) you’ve opted to firmly plant your head in the sand up to your shoulders.

Some would say there’s a third option: you don’t know .

One thing I’ve noticed time and time again here in Orlando over the last few days, is a crazy outpouring of love by everyday people who simply gave what they had in support of the victims, their families and loved ones, and first responders — people they didn’t know.


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