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The thing is, most ghostwriters choose this career because they can’t get published themselves. If you manage to hire a ghostwriter whose prose is flawless, whose plot development shines, you’re very lucky indeed.

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but you’re not paying a best-selling novelist to write your manuscript.

Then you’d be stuck hiring someone else to rewrite it.” She then asked me what would happen after the book was written and I gave her a rundown on what an author needs to do to sell a book, such as creating and maintaining marketing websites.

“If you did manage to find someone willing to write your book for a thousand dollars, it probably wouldn’t come out well.

My ghostwriting career lasted about five years, and during that time four of my clients sold manuscripts I’d written or edited. Statistically, most ghostwritten manuscripts either never make it to print or are self-published.

Need A Ghostwriter

In fact, many of my clients hired me specifically because they wanted to self-publish, and although I’m not a big fan of POD publishing, who was I to judge?

No one can charge a thousand dollars for ten months work, not even starving ghostwriters.

“Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter,” is a professional ghostwriter and author.

Just the other day, I stumbled across a ghostwriter’s web site that claimed the writer had “extensive contacts” with literary agents and New York publishers.

The first red flag was the have friends in high places, this fact doesn’t help the client.


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