Music Publishing Company Business Plan

Music Publishing Company Business Plan-35
400$ for the full production including cd copies and 100$ for the lead sheets for each product. Total approximately $ Euros Total amount calculated Euros/ approx 12,000$ 2.0 Company Summary 2.1 COMPA Y & I DUSTRY IMP an entertainment company, which will supply profitable, positive, audio to a diverse, international consumer group.1.4 STRATEGY & IMPLEME TATIO IMP is looking to gain & maintain strong affiliations in the music industry.

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Located in Hannover, Germany, the company will become highly profitable through the sale of recorded music products, and ancillary profit centers.

IMP will own and control the masters (master copies), copyrights and licenses of its product, which will enable IMP to create immediate revenue streams while growing its music catalog into a large income generator.

1.5 MA AGEME T IMP only has one Person on the Management Team, but this Person has ten years of musical expierience including, the making of and the production of Music and has researched the publishing side for just over a year.

The years of experience i hope to gain & maintain in both the business and creative sides of Music publishing operations will enable IMP to generate a profitable revenue for years to come.

Owning and controlling the rights to each of its products will enable IMP to grow its music catalog into a valuable asset, one of several-hundred (in years to come) ongoing revenue producing titles.

2.2 LEGAL E TITY & OW ERSHIP Complete ownership will be by Manager/Founder Robert Davies.

These funds will be used to: Buy all equipment needed; Ibanez RGA42-BK electric guitar Marshall MG50FX electric guitar amplifier (Bundle cost Euro) Thomman electric guitar case BK Wood Instrument cables Craft semi acoustic guitar Semi acoustic guitar case cost Euro AKG C535EB Condenser Microphone cost Euro Zoom G7 1UT Guitar FX Pedal cost Euro EDIROL R-4 PRO Euro Subscriptions to tipsheets (where each product is pitched) $ per annum - 5$ per pitch (Film & Tv) 400$ per annum (top 500 Artists in the world today) 300$ per annum (Up & Coming artists) Also will need to subscribe to the Guild Of International Songwriters for all the relevant paperwork, for starting a publishing company & for copywriting purposes at a cost of 50GBP per annum.

Total approximately 1100$ Euros Record An Initial Ten Professional Demos: Each Demo will cost approximately 500$.

The competition is lacking in structure within there products, there are no great hooks (which are a must) or there middle eight (Key change within the song) isn t dramatic enough.

Additionally, its experienced management team lead to an advantage for the company. will produce and release five to ten products within the first year of operation.


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