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Using the database, compare and contast disease causation for five cultures from different major regions. Who are the healers and medical practitioners and what are their names? In his classification system George Peter Murdock defines illness causation as “natural” and “supernatural” as outlined in the list below (Moore 1988). “Defined as invasion of the victim’s body by noxious microorganisms…” p. “Defined as exposure of the victim to either physical or psychic strain…” p. “Defined as a decline in physical capacities attending the onset of old age..” p. “Defined as the suffering of some physical injury under circumstances which appear to exclude both intention…and….supernatural intervention…” p. “Defined as the ascription of illness to astrological influences, individual predestination or personified ill luck.” p.17 f.

As you compare and contrast the cultural particulars, think about the following aspects. “Defined as the experiencing of particularly potent kinds of dreams, sights, sounds or other sensations which are believed to cause…illness.” p. “Defined as coming into contact with some purportedly polluting object, substance or person.” p. “Defined as acts in violation of some taboo…causing illness…” p. “Defined as the ascription of illness to the departure of the victim’s soul from his body.” p. “Defined as the attribution of illness to the…action of some…supernatural being.” p. “Defined as the ascription of the impairment of health to the aggressive use of magical techniques by a human being…” p. “Defined as the ascription of the impairment of health to the suspected voluntary or involuntary aggressive action of a member of a special class of human beings believed to be endowed with a special power and propensity for evil.” p.

However, depending on the number of accepted papers, it might be possible to include a few non-presenting participants.

Further information on such possibilities will only be given after decisions about the acceptance of proposed papers have been made.

21 ( database and other sources, find at least three cultures from different major regions (e.g., Asia, Africa, Europe, North America) with information relating to a type of disease causation selected.

In an essay compare and contrast the cultural similarities and differences for the various concepts.At the meeting, participants will be given 8 min to briefly present their paper, then 5 min of questions from a peer reviewer and then other group members will give their feedback and engage in the discussion of the paper.Workshops As in previous years the meeting programme also includes two workshops relating to the meetings’ theme. Participation without Presentation To ensure a constructive atmosphere with enough room for in-depth feedback and discussion, we can accommodate only a limited number of participants at the meeting.In addition, medical anthropology investigates the social, political, and economic contexts in which health behavior and health systems are shaped.Issues studied by medical anthropologists include, but are not limited to: Medical Anthropology also includes applied research geared toward solving specific problems related to the delivery of health care, including improving health care policies and systems, enriching approaches to clinical care, and contributing to the design of culturally valid public health programs in community settings around the world. Yes Subject selection: Multiple subjects specified by teacher Subjects/OCMS, if applicable: Region selection: pre-selected Region, if applicable: Various Culture selection: Student chooses from pre-selected list Cultures/OWCs, if applicable: Samples: Cultural views on medicine and medicinal systems vary widely.For example, a Western doctor may diagnose an illness as being caused by germs and prescribe penicillin as cure, a traditional healer may interpret an illness as being caused by evil spirits and perform elaborate rituals and animal sacrifices to cure the illness of the patient.Deadline for Abstract Submission: Notification of Acceptance: Deadline for Paper Submission: Format of the meeting Accepted participants will be organised into parallel group sessions.Participants will have to circulate their papers among their group members prior to the meeting, so everybody can read it in advance.Various issues stemming from an increased modification of health and healing under neoliberalism force us to rethink established categories and recent concepts such as moral economies, anti-technology of citizenship, and bio-citizenship, posing difficult questions to researchers: Are we satisfied with the conceptual and methodological framework of current medical anthropology?How can we (re-)think theory and practice together?


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