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His character also deteriorates when the witches tell him that he no man born of woman can kill him thus think he is invincible. All mortal consequences have pronounced me thus: ‘Fear not, Macbeth; no man that’s born of woman Shall e’er have power upon thee” (Shakespeare 5.3.3-7). He boasts and says that he will defeat the enemy but his end is evitable as Malcolm and his fighters advance to Macbeth’s castle. However, he is killed bringing an end to his tyrannical rule and a new beginning for Scotland.

” …Now he will murder for no reason other than to habituate himself to the terrors of his corrupted state and make himself comfortable among them…” (Cunningham 295).

His character is deteriorating and killing has become so easy for him and he has lost his sense of morality.

The more he kills the further he deteriorates and becomes violent because he does not gain the security he intends from the murders.

He also plans to kill Macduff in order to keep his throne “I am in blood/stepped in so far that, should I wade no more/returning were as tedious as go o’er” (Shakespeare 3.4.153-137). term paper on The downfall of Macbeth was written and submitted by user Nelson Cole to help you with your own studies.

Macbeth comes across as a man of great character at the opening of the play. Malcolm is loved and his self-esteem is high, as he feels proud of serving his country.

The king together with the people respects him because of his nobility and bravery. He is content with his position during this time until the three witches prophesy to him that he would become king.He is honored for his great contribution in the war by saving the life of the king’s son Malcolm. The prophesy marks the turning point for Macbeth from a noble man to a greedy man consumed by ambition to become king and his character starts changing.He tells his father about the courage of Macbeth, “This is the sergeant who like a good and hardy soldier fought ‘against my captivity. He thinks about the prophesy and decides to leave it to chance but the more he thought about he knew he had to take an action.Shakespeare used facts about Scotland as background information for the play, making it more relevant to the audience.According to the Folger Shakespeare Library, James VI believed in a strong link between treason and witchcraft, which are major themes in "Macbeth." Real political leaders with the names Macbeth, Duncan and Malcolm are part of Scottish history.Explain whether you think fate or free will played a bigger role in Macbeth's downfall, using examples from the story to back your assertions.For example, Macbeth premeditated Duncan's murder even though the witches prophesied his ascension to the throne.A discourse on the role that important characters -- such as Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the three witches -- play in the story provides insight about human nature.Use character quotes and dramatic scenes to support your topic.High school and college students often study William Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth" as part of their English curriculum.Research topics should center on important themes, such the insatiable desire for political power, free will and guilt.


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