Love And Compassion Essay

This makes up the substrate, the basic starting situation, in which individuals begin to act with compassionate love.

This starting point is different for each person, and situations in which action takes place differ as well.

Results from research can help to give appropriate priority to this quality in the training of healthcare providers, and in the settings and circumstances provided for those who are sick.

In order to do adequate research on compassionate love, it is important to clearly articulate the various essential components, the conditions that might foster and those that might impede its expression, and to develop methodologies for assessment.

••• Compassionate love describes attitudes toward and service for others, motivated by a desire for the good of the other.

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It includes caring for, valuing, and respecting the person so loved.

There are other moments when one sets aside selfish needs for those of others, when one expresses to others, by words or actions, that they are of value.

This occurs in both professional and personal relationships.

Compassionate love encourages fullness of life in the other.

By the early twenty-first century, compassionate love was also bolstered by scientific research and incorporated into a social science model.


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