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We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score.Download it for free now: Samantha is a blog content writer for Prep Scholar.Take and score an initial practice test (with accurate time constraints! As you take the test, mark any questions you're unsure about; you’ll want to study that material later even if you end up guessing correctly.

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To recap, the overall study tips I recommend for AP US History are: With these tips in mind, you can take full advantage of the practice materials, become a master of US History, and show the AP test who's boss! This article has links to great notes for AP US History that will give you tons of information on every topic in the course.

How do you know whether your practice test results are equivalent to a high or low AP score? Think you might take the SAT Subject Test for US History in addition to the AP test?

Refer to the College Board's general scoring guidelines to get an idea of how you did or ask your teacher if he or she would be willing to grade your essays.

The free-response questions for the three AP history exams have undergone some minor changes, but these sample questions will still closely resemble the format of the free-response section of the test that you're taking.

This document includes a bunch of DBQs from past versions of the AP test.

This question has remained relatively consistent throughout the years, so I'd say these are totally fine to use as practice unofficial practice tests and small-scale topic-specific practice quizzes.

This website contains 32 multiple-choice quizzes, one for each chapter of the Mc Graw-Hill US History textbook.

The quizzes follow the organization of the textbook, but they can still be useful even if your class uses a different textbook.

The closer you get to the exam, the more important it is to understand exactly where your weaknesses lie and which aspects of the test present the most significant challenges.

Official materials provide the best practice because the questions are a consistently accurate representation of the content and format of the real test.


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