Legalization Of Cannabis Essay

Scientific researchers have also linked use of marijuana to mental problems such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.In other words, it causes mental disorganization and one stops his or her normal way of life.Marijuana can be described as dried leaves of cannabis plant.

A closer look at the negative effects of marijuana, one would not recommend for its legalization.

Marijuana use is known to increase heart rate and thus increases the chances of heart attack.

Those who use it for medical purposes such as health centers can be given license to use plant and use it for such purpose only and within the premise of the hospital or the health center.

These would minimize its abuse by the rest of the population.

By keeping it illegal, we put power into the hands of criminals and take tax revenue out of the hands of government and citizens.

That lost tax revenue would have been earned from a properly regulated cannabis industry.The young generation would be seriously affected by marijuana if it is made legal.In this essay, therefore, I will demonstrate why marijuana legalization is not a good idea.While there is much less proof than was previously accepted that marijuana is a gateway drug to more damaging substances, on its own it has the ability to thwart ambition in those so prone.As more people access marijuana legally, it will become easier for younger people to access it from adults to whom it has legitimately been prescribed. Yes it should be legalized The science behind the original criminalization of ‘weed’ is faulty and sometimes even completely false.Most of the drug lords who deal in marijuana are also in possession of weapons that they use to protect it which fuels gun violence and promotes turf wars.Marijuana is a drug but it is a relatively harmless one.In addition to being a relatively harmless drug, cannabis is also extremely useful medicinally.Research has proven that can be used in cancer treatments, pain management and several other highly important applications for which very expensive drugs are currently used.The problem with legalization of marijuana is that the majority of the uses who do not use it for medical purposes may end up abusing it.In addition, there are various mental effects of marijuana that its legalization can promote.


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