Kite Runner Conflict Essay

“Did you steal that money Did you steal Amir’s watch, Hassan (Hosseini, 111).

Amir Khan faces many conflicts within himself and conflicts with his encounters with others after he witnesses the rape of his friend Hassan.

The aftermath of Hassan’s rape, negatively affects Amir and he wishes that he did not witness it.

In “The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini highlights the inner conflict that involves the struggle between being true to oneself and being true to one’s heritage, some characters deal successfully with this conflict where as others falter and their relationships suffer as a result.

In the novel, Hassan does not realize that when he is being loyal to Amir, he is also being betrayed.

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Loyalty is an attitude of devoted affection while betrayal is the disappoint of the hopes one has.

Amir conscience does not realize what is right and wrong and his relationships start to falter when he relies on his conscience to make his choices.

Baba is willing to be loyal to his own heritage more than those around him.

“Then I knocked on Baba’s door and told what I hoped be the last in a long line of shameful lies (Hosseini, 110). Amir was also caught up with his thoughts and does not realize he betrayed Hassan by running away in his time of need. When Amir does not take his chance to be loyal to Hassan, he betrays his friendship and their relationship falters because of the guilt he got from not doing anything.

The author makes one think that if he betrays a close friend another relationship will grow stronger. “I could step into that alley, stand up for Hassan “the way he’d stood up for me all the times in the past “ and accept whatever would happen to me. Therefore if one cannot take a stand and be loyal, one will eventually run out of time and ruin what they had before.


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