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A dissertation is compulsory for all History single honours students and an option for all joint degree students.The dissertation is weighted at 30 CATS and must be based either on a final year module that the student is enrolled on, a module taken in year 2, or a module taken during the Year Abroad (the latter with permission from the Dissertations Coordinator).Further announcements will be made on Moodle through the JH noticeboard (key: junior) and SH noticeboard (key: senior), and by e-mail to your University address.

Each student will receive regular personal guidance from a supervisor throughout the dissertation process.

Supervisors will be assigned during Term One of the Final Year.

It gives students the opportunity to work in a way similar to an academic historian: identifying a suitable research topic; mastering the relevant historiography; immersing themselves in a wide variety of primary sources, where appropriate; and being able to sustain a coherent and logical argument.

As a final year module it will encourage students to put the training received in their earlier years of study to practical use.

Our joint programmes are, in the first instance, a 50/50 split between the two named subject areas, and in the first year you will study equal amounts of each.

However, in the second and final years you will have the ability, through module choice, to shape your degree to your developing interests, which will evolve as you progress through your course and encounter new ideas.Honours students have the option to spend their third year studying abroad.See the Study Philosophy Abroad section for more information.After graduating from one of our joint honours programmes, you can still progress to more specialised Masters level study.We offer a huge range of degree programmes, many of which we refer to as 'joint degrees' or 'joint honours'.If you enrol on a joint degree, you will study two different subjects (instead of only one) at the same time throughout your entire degree.For instance, if you are studying a History and Politics joint degree, you'll do a mixture of History and Politics courses across the four years of your degree.Junior and Senior Honours have separate curricula, and the final exam for each course takes place at the end of the second semester ('split finals'). Single Honours students take six per year (120 credits), three per term; Joint Honours students take three per year (60 credits), distributed as convenient.Each JH module is assessed by an essay (30%) and final exam (70%); SH assessment patterns vary from course to course.Prospective Honours students might wish to consult the Honours courses overview page for a more detailed description of the courses on offer.Details of the application procedure are available here.


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