Interesting Materials Physics Coursework

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This method became organized, of course, into science.

And it developed very well, so that we are now in the scientific age.

There are some mistakes and misconceptions, and way too much uncritical emphasis around the nonsense that Drexler and Kurzweil came up with for my linking.

So it is NOT recommended by me at the 400/500 level.

It is also like passive smoking; even the students who want to concentrate on the lecture get distracted by it. Owens, Wiley 2003, does not contain information on graphene due to its comparatively early publication year it, but it is a good higher level gradate text that openly acknowledges that it can only be an introduction to different areas of nanotech which are more mature than to rest of the field. There is also an introductory chapter on the bulk properties of materials for students that do not have had an introduction to materials science and -engineering course.

So find some way of dealing with that please amongst yourself. (Note that other texts do not like to admit this, but will with necessity have the same limitation.) The physics and chemistry of , by C P. , CRC Press, 2010, is at a higher level and discusses nanoscale physics as integral part of nano-materials science, where I do think it belongs naturally.

Because our course is both for advanced undergraduates and graduates, I will only use bits and pieces from the texts above along with the material that is downloadable below.

Almost nobody can be perfectly knowledgeable in interdisciplinary fields as wide as nanoscience and nanotechnology, so what we have to practice is getting in the habit of developing capabilities for live-long learning.

- clarifying some simple physical laws of structure-property-size-shape relationships of crystalline engineering materials at the nanometer scale, study applications that involve nano-structured materials, develop capabilities and skills for interdisciplinary communications, develop capabilities to critically evaluate nanotechnology related news claims / distinguishing real progress from hype, help building a foundation for life-long learning.

mployers consistently remarked that the key factor which allows a recent college graduate to be productive is an understanding of how to apply their knowledge in the context of the business or government agency and effectively communicate with the peers and management about their ideas and recommendations.


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