How To Solve Inequality Problems

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What relationship would she expect to see between the two stocks at the end of Tuesday?

the value of HHC on Monday, if both stocks drop to half their value on Tuesday the value of GRC will still be greater than the value of HHC.

You could represent this inequality as: If we take the same two numbers and multiply them by -0.5, something different happens.

The resulting value of AC (-2.5), is further to the left than the value of BC ( -1).

The Properties of Inequality can help us understand how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide within an inequality. You went through the steps of isolating u correctly, but you flipped the inequality when you didn’t have to. The symbol only flips when you divide or multiply by a negative number. Inequalities model problems that have a range of answers.

The symbol only flips when you divide or multiply by a negative number. They can be mapped along a number line, and they can be manipulated to simplify or solve them.

Notice that we are not saying that Ellie is 11 years old now—she could be 11, or she could be 32, or she could be 55.

She could be any age as long as that age is 11 or older.

For instance, imagine that you know two people: Adam and Bernard.

You know that Adam is older than Bernard (although you do not know how much older).


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