Homework For 7 Year Olds

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I always sit with him to do it (often it involves me testing him, or listening to him read then asking questions, or timing (! (when I say I give up he then starts crying and screaming saying he wants to do it, but doesn't want to do it).

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Not completing homework will have an effect on that. He's not the only one complaining - other mums have the same.

And yes, if he consistently doesn't do his homework then he will be asked to leave earlier. I can't do it as soon as he's finished school (and after 8 hours of school I think he needs a break) because I'm at work. He needs to do the homework because otherwise he'll fall behind in class.

And I can see the value in every piece of homework they give him. I have to do this once - but the school are supportive and will keep them in and work with me.

There is no screen time at all for anything Monday to Friday - they have the dogs, animals (we love on a mini farm) and books and board games.

The children are evaluated out of 10 at least 5/6 times a week. Is he at school in lessons for 8 hours or at school till lunch or til 3pm and then in childcare?

If he doesn't learn how to conjugate his verbs, or his times table, or his spelling, then he won't follow the lessons so well. I think the answer is someone else (teenage babysitter or childcare with supervised homework session) does homework with him earlier.

I have threatened to remove screentime and followed through.

but often he takes up such a lot of time that he finishes the homework then goes to bed. Changing schools is not really an option, all of them have a lot of homework here (not UK). if he starts yelling that he wants to do it, say calmly 'Ok. No amount of screaming or saying they want to do I don’t back down.

The following questions, supplied by Oxford Home Schooling, are aimed at primary school kids aged 7.

Your child will probably now be starting to read independently, but games and activities are still a fun way to help with phonic skills, word recognition and general language development.


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