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Thomas posited that it was ‘Better to die in Flander’s mud than on Dublin’s cobbled streets.’ All of the writing from members of Phoenix Clubhouse proved stirring and no wonder….after all, the Clubhouse is named for the mythical phoenix, a bird that rises from its own ashes, as a new nation also rose from the fires of war.Writers throughout South Dublin have been particularly busy.Wounded in the ankle/Unable to stand, blinded by pain/Relunctant to surrender:/Rebel leader to be executed/Thomas Mac Donagh 1878-1916.

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Novelist Eileen Casey on Commemorative events, 1916 and the rural electrification scheme So far, commemorative events for 1916 have been many and varied.

Communities all over Ireland participated and continue to do so.

This naming also occurs in Yeats’ poem and is ritualistic, containing within it the seeds of a sacred act.

How the Rising affected children surfaces in some of the poems, poignantly conveyed by Susan Condon in ‘Sacrificial Lamb.’ One of the first casualties of the Rising was a child of tender age.

Mc Glynn also fondly remembers helping his father repair Kilmainham Gaol prior to the 1966 celebrations.

Doreen Duffy’s poem ‘Brutal Peace,’ carries in its title an echo of Yeats’ passion for mutual incompatibilities (antinomies).

Events are still taking place all over the country.

These range from theatrical performances, photography exhibitions, poetry readings, re-enactments, un-veilings, recitals.

Larry, a man of many talents, wrote about an advertisement for Mc Grath’s tea, popular at the time.

Culture and war go hand in hand however, captured in the chilling closing lines of his poem ‘Suburban Life’….


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