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Maybe more than a lot of people, though certainly fewer than some. ‘Dead Sun’ by AS Patric, ‘Sharks’ by Jennifer Mills, ‘By the Laws of Crab and Woman’ by Jason Fischer, ‘The Walking Thing’ by Marlee Jane Ward, ‘Singing My Sister Down’ by Margo Lanagan, ‘Apocalypse for Harp and Voice’ by Julie Koh, ‘Rush’ by Nic Low, ‘An Anti-glacier Book’ by Ben Walter, ‘Four-letter Words’ and ‘Figures in a Marriage’ by Ryan O’Neill, ‘A Comment about Free Market Forces’ by Wayne Macauley, ‘Unicorn Surgeon’ by Isaac Mitchell-Frey, ‘Sweetest Thing’ by Ellen van Neerven. But I’m asking everyone these days whether they read short stories, so I ask them, even though they obviously won’t. The woman who likes biographies and the library will often pick up a collection at said library, just to check out unfamiliar writers.

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When I became an ‘author’, I suddenly felt like I had a responsibility to read short Australian fiction. Each night, at bedtime, I read a story to my husband, who doesn’t give a rat’s arse whether anyone takes him seriously or not, and he loved it too. Should you wish to contact me …’ etc.] The other night I went to my workmate’s book club.

From then on, I subscribed to journals, read collections and anthologies, and wrote and submitted my own stories, like any responsible member of Australia’s writing community. They were talking about my second novel, , and this was the first chance they had had to invite a real-life author of their meeting.

His mother was the poet and feminist, Louisa Lawson; his father, a miner, was born in Norway.

Due to chronic ear infections, Henry became completely deaf, relying on reading to complete his education.

I look at my bookshelf and there is George Saunders and Etgar Keret and Sarah Hall and J Robert Lennon – so much for that definition! If Evie Wyld wrote a short story set in Cronulla, would it be an Australian short story? On 3 October 2016, I sent this message to my friend Imbi: One day we should have an afternoon tea party and everyone has to bring a short story (not written by themselves, but by someone else) and read it out to the group while we lounge on comfy chairs and drink champagne. When I still gave a shit about encouraging people to read books.

So, what have we established about the Australian short story? My grand plan was to start a cult of short-story reading that would end up boosting demand for collections, anthologies and journals all over the country.He particularly enjoyed the works of Charles Dickens, , and Brett Harte.Lawson's first poem, A Song of the Republic was published in 1887.Which proves that – as one of my interviewees kind of said but not really – short stories are written for and read by other writers, because short stories are a kind of showing off about how much you know about short stories, rather than being stories about people or ideas or any of those other fun things that regular readers enjoy. They are a group of women (of course) whose kids went to prep together. Another said that, until book club, she only read biographies. Another reads the kinds of books that make the Stella longlist. They use friends’ recommendations or the little notes bookshops put on books; they wander around the library until they see something that takes their fancy; they rely on Amazon’s algorithmic recommendations.In other words, I began reading short stories when I became a writer in 2009 when I wasn’t yet a writer. Since 2013 I have read twenty-two collections of short stories by Australian authors and ten or maybe twelve by international authors, and these magazines keep turning up at my house or in my inbox – – so I guess that yes, I read short stories. They meet once a month in Melbourne’s inner west for dinner and wine and to maybe talk about the book. They are busy mums, and most of them don’t get to read that often – it’s pretty rare for everyone, or even anyone, to finish the book. The woman who reads paranormal romances reads anthologies to work who she should read next.At the end of our most recent meeting, I asked everyone if they are reading more short stories now than two years ago. Has no-one heard that I’m starting a slow-motion revolution in short-story reading? This means I can tell you whether I read short stories, when I started and whether I like them. Between 20 there is a smattering of anthologies – – but the first time I deliberately picked up a collection of short stories by an Australian author was in July 2013. Can you not remember the Baynton stories you read for uni? [Reader at this point breaks off to pen a letter to the editor: ‘Dear Dr Woodhead, if you must allow women to write for your magazine, could you not at least find one who has read the work of Henry Lawson?That was the very month my first novel was published. Anyway, I started with Josephine Rowe’s and it was bloody brilliant, so that worked out well. I myself have read several collections of Australia’s classic bush yarns, as well as the many brilliant stories of Tim Winton, and could quite easily undertake a corrective to this dashed-off piece of nonsense you have chosen to publish.At every drinks gathering, book launch or outright party I have been to in the past few months, I have asked other minglers the same two questions: ‘What is an Australian short story? ’ Of those few who didn’t make their excuses and leave, I ‘interviewed’ Jo Case (, about such things. They usually clock in at somewhere between 10 words.I haven’t directly quoted any of them here – that would be too much like journalism – but rest assured they have appeared in my dreams and directed a great many of my words herein. You might stretch a story to 5000, providing you don’t plan to get it published anywhere in Australia. But most are set in Melbourne, which is a city not unlike a lot of other cities.In his advancing years, Lawson became increasingly withdrawn, depressed and poor, yet he remains one of Australia's greatest short story writers, along with contemporary author, Banjo Paterson. While procrastinating, I googled ‘How to write a short story?


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